Invest in Property in the UK

A flexible and reliable way to make money investing in UK residential property


Annual Returns of Up to 12%

Discover a sterling opportunity in the UK property market, offering a fixed return of 12% per annum in hard currency. This investment avenue, compatible with Shariah principles (Wakala Note), is an excellent choice for those seeking stability and impressive returns in the residential Buy-To-Rent (BTR) sector. With options to invest in GBP, Euros, or USD, and a short lock-in period of just two years, it’s an attractive proposition for diversifying your portfolio and securing a hedge against future market fluctuations.

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Attractive Fixed Returns

A fixed return of 12% per annum, providing a predictable and stable income stream.


Shariah Compliant

Offering an 8% biannual or 11% deferred Expected Profit Rate (EPR) under a Wakala structure.


Short Lock-In Period

A manageable two-year lock-in period, allowing for earlier reassessment and reinvestment options.

The Opportunity

This UK Property Investment product is designed to not only offer attractive financial returns to investors but also to create a significant impact in the UK’s residential property market, particularly in the Buy-To-Rent (BTR) sector. The investment goes beyond mere financial gains, contributing meaningfully to the development of housing and supporting the growing demand for quality residential spaces in various regions across the United Kingdom.

Investment Summary


  • Type of Investment: Short- to medium-term investment opportunity (2 years).
  • Loan Note Terms: Two years with income and deferred interest options.
  • Minimum Investment: £5,000.
  • Interest Rate: 10% or 12% per annum gross, based on the loan note option.
  • Security: Secured with a debenture and a first legal charge over properties.
  • Security Trustee: Appointed to safeguard the interests of loan note holders.
  • ISINS Allocation: Allocated International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINS) by the London Stock Exchange Plc.

Investor Profile


The product is suitable for:

  • Investors seeking high and stable returns in a strong currency.
  • Those interested in short to medium-term investment horizons.
  • Investors who prefer investments with a tangible asset base, such as real estate.
  • Individuals seeking Shariah-compliant investment opportunities.
  • Investors looking to diversify their portfolio in international markets, particularly in the UK.

Market Impact


  • Stimulating the BTR Sector: The investment directly contributes to the growth and development of the BTR sector in the UK. This sector has seen a surge in popularity and demand, driven by changing demographics and housing preferences. By financing new developments, the investment aids in addressing the housing shortage and meeting the rising demand for rental properties.
  • Boosting Local Economies: Investment in property development has a ripple effect on local economies. It leads to job creation in construction, property management, and ancillary services, thereby contributing to economic growth in the regions where the developments are located.
  • Enhancing Community Development: The construction of new housing units and the improvement of existing ones can lead to the revitalization of neighborhoods, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and fostering community development.


Investment Potential

  • Long-Term Market Stability: The UK property market, particularly in the residential sector, has historically demonstrated resilience and long-term growth. Investing in this sector can offer a stable and secure investment vehicle, especially in times of economic uncertainty.
  • Appreciation Potential: Real estate investments in the UK have potential for capital appreciation over time. As the demand for quality housing continues to grow, particularly in urban and suburban areas, the value of these investments is likely to increase, offering the potential for substantial returns.
  • Diversification Benefits: This investment offers an opportunity to diversify one’s portfolio into international real estate, which can be particularly advantageous for investors looking to spread their risk across different markets and asset classes.

Societal Benefits


  • Addressing Housing Needs: By focusing on the BTR sector, the investment addresses a crucial need for affordable and quality housing in the UK. It supports the government’s efforts to provide sufficient housing and can have a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and families.
  • Sustainable Development: New housing developments are increasingly incorporating sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. By investing in these projects, investors are indirectly supporting the drive towards more sustainable and eco-friendly living spaces.

Key Features


  • High Fixed Returns: Investors can expect a fixed return of 12% per annum, paid in hard currency. This high return rate is particularly attractive in the current economic climate, where such yields are increasingly sought after.
  • Shariah-Compliant Option: The product includes a Wakala Note feature offering an 8% biannual or 11% deferred Expected Profit Rate (EPR), adhering to Islamic finance principles. This aspect broadens the product’s appeal to a diverse investor base.
  • Short Investment Tenure: With a lock-in period of only two years, the product provides a short to medium-term investment horizon, ideal for investors seeking quick turnovers or those wary of long-term market fluctuations.
  • Compounding Option for Reinvestment: The product allows for the reinvestment of returns after the initial two-year period, offering a compounding effect that can significantly boost the total returns.
  • Currency Flexibility: Investments can be made in GBP, Euros, or USD, offering flexibility and convenience to international investors.
  • Security Measures: Investments are secured with a debenture and a first legal charge over properties, adding a layer of safety and assurance for investors.


How It Works


  • Initial Investment: Choose your preferred currency (GBP, Euros, or USD) and invest a minimum of £5,000.
  • Interest Accumulation: Earn an interest of 10% or 12% per annum gross, depending on the loan note chosen.
  • Security and Trust: Investments are secured with a debenture and a first legal charge over properties purchased, ensuring the safety of your funds.
  • Representation of Interests: A Security Trustee is appointed to represent the interests of the loan note holders.

The Developer


  • Established in 2003, the developer has a robust track record in creating residential and commercial schemes across the UK.
  • With a diversified national pipeline exceeding £1bn across 3 million sq. ft, including over 3200 residential units.
  • Expertise in the full property development life cycle, offering security and reliability in investments.
  • Access to in-house development finance, ensuring swift and efficient project execution.

How To Invest


Fill Out Our Enquiry Form

The very first step towards a lucrative offshore investment starts with filling out our online enquiry form.


Consultation With An Advisor

Engage in a consultation session with the investment team. This step is crucial for understanding the investment product, its structure, risks, and potential returns. It’s also a time to clarify any doubts or questions you might have.


Examine Options

Examine the different investment options available, including the various lock-in periods and their corresponding returns. Decide whether you’re more interested in quarterly profits or compounded profits.


Supporting Documents

Fill out the necessary application forms and provide any required documentation. This typically includes identification documents and proof of funds.


Payment and Onboarding

Once your application is approved, you’ll proceed with the investment by transferring funds as per the agreed terms. After your investment is processed, you will receive confirmation and access to an online portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this UK property investment opportunity unique?

The combination of high fixed returns, short lock-in periods, and options for reinvestment makes it a unique and lucrative investment opportunity.

What makes the investment Shariah compliant?

Yes, the product offers a Shariah-compliant Wakala Note with two EPR options (8% biannual or 11% deferred).

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment is £5,000, making it accessible to a wide range of investors.

How secure is the investment?

The investment is secured with a debenture and a first legal charge over the properties purchased, offering a high degree of security.

Can I reinvest my returns after two years?

Yes, there is an option to reinvest the returns after two years, which can significantly enhance your investment due to the compound effect.

How are the interests of investors protected?

The service provider has robust risk management strategies in place to navigate changing market conditions. Additionally, the maximum drawdown guarantee provides a safety net for investors.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

The UK Property Investment product stands as a testament to the innovative and investor-friendly opportunities in today’s global real estate market. It combines high returns, flexibility, security, and ethical investment practices, making it a compelling choice for a broad spectrum of investors. Whether you are an individual investor or part of a larger entity, this product offers a balanced blend of profit, security, and market relevance, making it a noteworthy addition to any investment portfolio.

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