Crypto Investments


Trade in Cryptocurrency

Expand your investment portfolio among multiple cryptocurrencies. If you are ready to expand your horizons beyond Bitcoin, this is the global investment opportunity for you.


Low Volatility

The basket of coins or tokens has a large market cap, making them less volatile than smaller cap coins or tokens. 



Our traders don’t allocate more than 30% of the cyrpto basket to one currency, giving you a diverse allocation of coins. 


Storage Solutions

Coins are held in an ultra secure storage vault to mitigate cyber attacks, hacks and losing access to your digital wallet. 

Professional Traders

Our traders have extensive knowledge and experience of cryptocurrency trading and understand how to optimise trades for maximum returns. 

Crypto management solutions

Cryptocurrency Basket

Invest in a Jaltech Cryptocurrency Basket for a hassle-free and simple way of investing in cryptocurrency with less risk. Your Jaltech Cryptocurrency Basket is made up of:

  • Various digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ether etc)
  • Blockchain technology
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi)

The basket evolves as the market evolves, ensuring low volatility and better returns. This allows individual investors to be exposed to the top performing cryptocurrencies while excluding low performing digital currencies from the basket, dynamically.

Cryptocurrency Safety Deposit Box

While storing your cryptocurrency on exchanges may seem like the more convenient option, it comes with great risk. If the exchange were to be hacked or compromised, your investments are vulnerable. In fact, it is estimated over R56 billion in crypto assets have been stolen off exchanges.

Jaltech’s crypto storage solution requires third-party approval before sign-off, especially on requests over certain values. Withdrawal requests must be authenticated in person or via video call. All the security risks of holding cryptocurrency on an exchange is mitigated with this option.

Cryptocurrency is accessible to heirs or financial advisors in the case of the death of the investor. This is not the case when held on an exchange.

Bitcoin Debenture & Ether Debenture

Invest in a Companies Act regulated investment in Bitcoin and/or Ether through our partner, Jaltech. Their trading experts will minimize transaction costs while your digital assets are safely held in Jaltech’s state-of-the-art safety deposit box, away from the prying hands of hackers. Benefits include:

  • Min investment of R50k
  • No min investment period
  • Monthly reporting
  • Secure storage

Benefits of using a crypto management company

Crypto management companies are companies that are able to provide a range of management services related to cryptocurrencies. These services may include strategic consulting, risk assessment, management, legal support, and other financial services. Our crytpo fund managers and administrator partner, Jaltech, provide the above services while also ensuring you diversify your crypto investment portfolio.

One of the best ways to invest in cryptocurrencies is through a cryptocurrency investment basket. A cryptocurrency investment basket is a group of 5-10 cryptocurrencies that are weighted to provide the best balance of risk and return.


There is no minimum investment term. You are not locked in for a specified period and can withdraw your investment in 1 to 3 business days. 


Our traders only trade in cryptocurrencies with a market cap over $2.5 million. 


Each coin or token traded in has a minimum history or track record before it is included in the crypto investment basket.