Earn up to 154% in returns at the end of the lock-in period.


Annual Returns of Up to 24%

Unlock the potential of a lucrative investment opportunity with a remarkable product designed for South African investors. This investment solution offers a flexible entry point with a minimum investment of just $10,000, allowing a wider range of investors to participate in the dynamic world of commodities, currencies, and markets. Focusing on growth rather than immediate income, this product aims for a profit return of 154% after 48 months, showcasing the power of compound interest.

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100% Secured Debt Note Structure

This unique investment structure provides a high level of security, ensuring peace of mind for investors.


Independence from Market Conditions

The performance of this investment is designed to be robust, irrespective of fluctuating market conditions.


Proven Track Record

With a 7-year history of delivering consistent results, this investment stands as a testament to its reliability and effectiveness.

The Opportunity

This service offers an attractive risk-adjusted return in today’s economic climate, allowing for fixed cash flows of 18%-24%. With a maximum drawdown of 30% of your capital, investors are assured of 100% capital refund along with paid quarterly payments if this threshold is reached. The return is generated across various asset classes, and the capital is used to generate a return beyond 24%, of which the upside is retained by the service provider.

Key Features


  1. Flexible Investment Options: With a minimum investment as low as $10,000, this service is accessible to a broad range of investors. It caters to both those starting in the investment world and seasoned investors looking to diversify.

  2. Highly Competitive Returns: The service targets a profit return of 154% after 48 months under the growth option. This ambitious return is a testament to the aggressive investment strategies employed.

  3. Multiple Lock-In Options: Investors can choose from six different lock-in options, providing flexibility and catering to various investment horizons and goals.

  4. Secured Debt Note Structure: Investments are 100% secured through a debt note structure, offering peace of mind irrespective of market conditions.

  5. Consistent Track Record: The service boasts a 7-year track record of delivering results, with an average return to date of 28.7% p.a.

  6. Short-Term Investment Tenure: Options range from 15 to 48 months, with fixed annual returns between 14.4% – 24% for quarterly profits and 19% – 154% for compounded profits.

How It Works

  • Risk Absorption: All market, investment, and trading risks are absorbed by the service provider, ensuring investor security.
  • Diversified Investment Vehicles: Funds are deployed into multiple trading and investment vehicles across various platforms.
  • Automatic Payouts: Quarterly coupons are paid out at rates between 3.6% – 6%, and compounded coupons at rates between 19% – 154%, depending on the tenure chosen.

Investment Strategy

  • Trading in Currencies, Commodities, and Digital Assets: The service focuses on trading gold, silver, and currency pairs like USD/GBP and GBP/EUR.
  • Digital Assets Mining: Investment in mining facilities in Eastern Europe, leveraging the low cost of electricity.
  • Blockchain Investments: Engaging in high-risk blockchain investments with a strict mandate of maximum 10% portfolio exposure.
  • BTC Trading: Expertise in short-, medium-, and long-term betting on cryptocurrencies, particularly BTC.

How To Invest


Fill Out Our Enquiry Form

The very first step towards a lucrative offshore investment starts with filling out our online enquiry form.


Consultation With An Advisor

Engage in a consultation session with the investment team. This step is crucial for understanding the investment product, its structure, risks, and potential returns. It’s also a time to clarify any doubts or questions you might have.


Examine Options

Examine the different investment options available, including the various lock-in periods and their corresponding returns. Decide whether you’re more interested in quarterly profits or compounded profits.


Supporting Documents

Fill out the necessary application forms and provide any required documentation. This typically includes identification documents and proof of funds.


Payment and Onboarding

Once your application is approved, you’ll proceed with the investment by transferring funds as per the agreed terms. After your investment is processed, you will receive confirmation and the secured debt notes that detail your investment terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is $10,000 USD, making it an accessible option for a wide range of investors.

How are returns calculated and distributed?

Returns are calculated based on the chosen lock-in period and the type of profit option selected (quarterly or compounded). Quarterly profits are distributed at a fixed annual rate between 14.4% – 24%, while compounded profits range between 19% – 154%.

What are the risks involved in this investment?

While all market, investment, and trading risks are absorbed by the service provider, it’s important to understand that all investments carry some level of risk. The maximum drawdown of capital is capped at 30%, with a guarantee of capital refund and paid quarterly payments if this threshold is met.

Can I withdraw my investment before the end of the lock-in period?

The investment terms include specific lock-in periods ranging from 15 to 48 months. Early withdrawal options, if available, should be discussed during the consultation phase.

How is the investment diversified?

The investment is diversified across various asset classes including trading in currencies, commodities, digital assets mining, blockchain investments, and BTC trading. This diversification aims to spread risk and optimize returns.

What happens if the market conditions change drastically?

The service provider has robust risk management strategies in place to navigate changing market conditions. Additionally, the maximum drawdown guarantee provides a safety net for investors.

Is there any additional cost or fee involved?

Any additional costs or fees associated with the investment should be clarified during the initial consultation phase. Typically, the investment details, including any fees, are outlined in the investment agreement.

How can I monitor the performance of my investment?

Investors will receive regular updates on their investment’s performance. Additionally, they may be given access to an online platform or receive periodic statements detailing the performance and returns.

Who can I contact for more information or if I have any issues?

The investment service will provide contact details for a dedicated support team or account manager who can assist with any queries or issues.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

With its diversified approach and secured investment structure, this service stands out as an optimal choice for South African investors looking to tap into the Dubai property market. The combination of low entry barriers, high return potential, and a strong risk management framework makes this an investment opportunity worth considering. For those interested, further engagement and onboarding processes are just an email away.

An Investment Strategy That Works For YOU

We provide risk-adjusted investment opportunities by generating our investors income through tax-deductible solar investments.